Leaked New of Popular Video Games

Welcome to gaming news show just getting this is probably the most awful and annoying thing you’ve ever seen or heard in your life. April fools with that being said let’s get started off this week talking about april fools stuff the best thing I’ve seen is from CD Projekt RED and The Witcher 3 they released a developer diary documentary about the making of Roach the horse and it was kind of awesome because they totally acknowledge the fact that he’s a glitchy mass.


video games

It’s definitely worth a watch CD POrojekt Red is definitely one of the cooler developers out there right now so I really appreciated that anybody blowing it all right now begin here but the thing I’m most excited about this week as an apparent maybe rumor about Shadow of Mordor 2 the leak is one of those small little LinkedIn error leaks that you can’t always really go off of but apparently this motion capture actress who is famous for doing a lot of video games and blur cinematics has listed on her resume Shadow of Mordor to doing Blur cinematics and you know if this is vague is a type of our mistake I don’t care because I need more shadow of Mordor that was such a good freaking game maybe it’s just me it was one of my favorite released my crazy but I love that game so much. Honestly if there is a Shadow of Morder 2 I’ll take more of the same maybe just a little bit more of a bigger and fleshed out story I really hope they keep the whole caliber more thing because I like I love that.


video games
Of course this would be a video game news show without some Call of Duty news ok hang on a sec know. The new Call of Duty is rumored to take place in space. Now we’ve had a Call of Duty games kind of in space a little bit before but apparently this is going to fall on Sci-Fi with two warring space factions and you know why I am all about it I really hope it’s good I really hope it takes a unique spin it’s not like a generic copy me to sci-fi. I really hope they find their own thing here and develop like a baby a sci-fi space universe that could be really cool and it could be just great to see a new Call of Duty game where you go and say what is that about that though.



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